Artist Submission Guidelines

Crucible Gallery invites submissions of new work, never before shown in consideration for a one month exhibition/installation in the gallery.

Please provide the following:
- three images of your work  ( minimum 1200 x1200 pixels )
- a brief bio and description of proposed exhibit concept/theme 
- name(s) and contact - email, cell
- preferred dates/year for exhibition
- choice of half or the whole gallery

A flat fee of $250/$500 is charged per month for half/whole of the gallery. Crucible is a non-profit exhibition space and does not charge commissions. Artists are asked to contribute one work of art to the Crucible permanent collection and are asked to be present in the gallery for two 5 hour shifts per week.
Sales are the responsibility of the artist.
The selection of artists for exhibition is at the discretion of Crucible Gallery.

See for previous and upcoming exhibitions and the gallery mission statement.
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